MY Psychology, Malaysia 1st Psychology Educational Platform is officially launched on the 11th of January, 2014 to increase psychological literacy in the Malaysian public, to use the power of the internet to raise the awareness not just towards mental health issues, but to general knowledge of psychological concepts as well.

Old times of MY Psychology in making psychology videos

MY Psychology is now comprised of clinical psychologists, psychology graduates and students who are passionate in the idea of an independent pool of knowledge, an ever expanding amalgamation of input from various contributors. Currently MY Psychology produce self-developmental psychology knowledge for general public via online / offline medium and strive to feature quality psychology events to increase psychology literacy in the Malaysian community. MY Psychology has also produced daily info-graphs, albums (both the more thematically/theoretically oriented albums or self-reflection albums), articles, videos, and a series of digital psychology magazines.  

mental health talk
Gary Yap, founder of MY Psychology was giving a talk about mental health.

What drove us is a singular passion to bring the school to the audience, instead of the audience to school. At the time of our founding, there aren’t much content creators out there that aimed towards such a goal, especially in Malaysia (or much of South East Asia), and in recent years we saw a huge influx in pages with a similar goal as ours, that of making psychology as part of our daily life, not just some obscure mystical knowledge written in sacred tomes.

It is, as our motto states: to learn, share, and apply.
It is to make psychology everyday.
“MY Psychology”, named not only because “MY” is short for “Malaysia”, but also literally my psychology. It is our pleasure to be part of such a fruitful journey, and we can only hope to travel further down this path, as to see what in our doubtful moments thought of as self-indulgence, transform gradually into this momentous goal of becoming an educational platform, it is a joy we have never dream of before. Once again, thank you for all the support, in the past and in the future to come. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you.

With you, MY Psychology.

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