Online Psychotherapy provides mental health consultation through the internet (web-based) to help individuals in facing life challenges and emotional difficulties caused by traumatic experiences, grief & loss and other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. The main objective of online psychotherapy is to help individuals to understand more about themselves and to live a satisfying and fulfilling life. 

  • When you are feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed by a prolonged sense of helplessness and hopelessness.
  • When your issues have negatively impacted your relationships, academic performance, and occupation.
  • When your issues have caused significant distress in your daily life functioning.
  • When you are having major life changes, such as grief and loss, being fired from work, and any trauma-related events which caused you to have difficulties in coping.
  • When you and your partners are experiencing distress in your relationship.
  • When you would like to understand more about yourself and improve the quality of your life.
  • Client(s) being diagnosed with severe mental illnesses or psychiatric disorders.  
  • Client(s) with severe depression, having suicidal urges or difficulties in handling emotion that could cause violence or homicide. 
  • Client(s) who is/are currently in an urgent or dangerous situation. 

Note: We do not provide 24-hour crisis service. If you need emergency help, please go to the Emergency Room of any public hospital or call 999 if you cannot go there safely: https://www.mypsychology.my/suicidehotlines/

According to recent psychological research, online psychotherapy is suitable to help those with depression, anxiety, etc. Online psychotherapy is suitable for a wide population, and can be as effective as traditional face-to-face psychotherapy when it comes to therapeutic effectiveness, and has gotten satisfactory feedback from clients.


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In MY Psychology Centre, the professionals providing online psychotherapy are two trained clinical psychologists, who both held a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology (and has obtained 1,500 hours of professional training). They have also accepted clinical training in various settings: such as government hospitals, and non-profit organizations. They are also members of Malaysia’s Society of Clinical Psychologists (MSCP), and have been invited to speak at various media platforms (such as AiFM, Cityplus FM, etc), and have provided school talks, as well as written articles on various local newspapers (Oriental Daily News), to share with the general public knowledge about mental health.

To understand more about our psychotherapists’ background:

Gary Yap (CP1-0187) – Clinical Psychologist

Tin Fung (CP1-0214) – Clinical Psychologist

The first online psychotherapy session is 90 minutes long. The clinical psychologist will get a full picture of our client’s mental health condition through psychological tests/assessments and an intake interview, as well as provide clients with a general direction as to how the therapeutic journey will proceed.

Some of the things that clinical psychologists will try to understand through the first session include:

  • What are the things that most concerned you right now? (Such as: low mood, or relationship concerns, etc.)
  • How long have these concerns bothered you, and when did these concerns start?
  • Have you, or are you currently accepting other forms of therapy? (Such as medication therapy)
  • Your personal background: such as information about your family, education, career, and relationship/marital statuses, etc.
  • Your personal interests (hobbies), or how do you handle stress, as well as your level of social support, etc.

During this intake process, all your private information will be kept confidential and safe. If after the intake process there is still time left in the first session, the psychotherapist will share with you his observations about your mental health condition (such as if you have symptoms that match with depression, etc.). The psychotherapist will also help you understand what started these problems, as well as the possible factors that sustained your current condition. They will also professionally consult you on the direction the therapeutic journey will take.

If subsequent psychotherapy sessions is needed for the clients, subsequent sessions will usually be 60 minutes long (unless special circumstances).

Client’s personal health data is extremely important in online therapy. We follow the telepsychology guideline set by the American Psychological Association (APA). The software that we are using for online therapy is Google Meeting App that complies with the standard of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for keeping client’s data safe and secure.

  1. Fill up the registration form
  2. You will be contacted through Whatsapp
  3. Sign Informed Consent
  4. Complete Payment & Confirm Session Time
  5. Attend session online
  • A safe, private and quiet environment 
  • A device that supports video calling (PC or smartphone)
  • A pair of earphones/headphones 
  • A stable internet connection (at least 5MBPS above)

We will use Google Hangouts Meet App for Online Therapy via video-conferencing. 

  • If you are using computer, you don’t have to download any app.
  • If you are using smart phone, you need to download Google Hangout Meets App (Google Play / App Store)

The simple procedures are as below:

  1. You will receive a link from us in Whatsapp
  2. When you click the link, you will enter a virtual meeting room
  3. Session starts.

First Intake Session (90 minutes)- RM250 (Opening Offer)

Subsequent Psychotherapy Session (60 Minutes) – RM200 

Extended Session (30 Minutes) – RM100

Online Psychotherapy Session Bundle* (4 Sessions​) – RM720 (Each Session / RM180)

Letter / Document (Three Working Days) – RM60-80

Option 1: Debit / Credit Card (Visa / Master), Online Banking,  E-wallet (Boost)

We are using online payment gateway – Razer Merchant Services to receive payments. You will receive a link through WhatsApp and it will lead you to a secure payment page by Razerpay. You may choose your preferred payment option and make your transaction. Once you have completed the payment, you will receive an official receipt from us through Whatsapp and your session is confirmed.

Option 2: Manual Bank Transfer

Alternatively, you may also complete the payment via bank transfer to our company bank account (Maybank Account: 514589471511 / MY Psychology Sdn Bhd) and send us the receipt via Whatsapp (+601133445270). If you need to reschedule your confirmed appointment, kindly contact us one day before the confirmed appointment. 

Note: Payment made is not refundable. 

If you need to reschedule the appointment, kindly inform us via Whatsapp (+601133445270) / http://wasap.my/+601133445270 at least 1 day (24-hours) prior to the actual appointment.

MY Psychology do not engage in cases / has the right the decline cases that require psychological assessment, counseling and psychotherapy, psychological documentation or testimony for use in a court of law or for any other legal purpose.