Goodbye Patreon, and Thank You Patrons!


Hey guys, how are you doing? We hope this letter finds you well. Don’t worry, this is not (really) a goodbye letter. This is a letter written with great appreciation from us, the MY Psychology team.

Since 2014, we have made tons of free psychology content on our social media. It was a struggle, to be honest, a constant challenge. We have to juggle between maintaining the platform and producing free content on a regular basis.

And then we decided to go on Patreon, to seek monetary support on a platform aimed at content creators. In return, we will reward our patrons with stuff like early access to our new content or exclusive content that is unavailable to non-patrons.

Since then, with the huge support from our patrons, we have managed to achieve the following:

1) 10 issues of digital psychology magazines

2) 14 episodes of the Psych-Show video series (YouTube)

3) 56 Psychology Albums on our Facebook Page

4) An Automated Chatbot on Facebook Messenger that provides mental health directory for more than 9,000 users (this was stopped temporarily due to insufficient funding)

5) Clip Microphone Purchase (eg: better audio recording quality for our videos)

And what’s more… On average, our content reached at least 1 million viewers per month.

Every month, our patrons funded us with unconditional support. They never question our progress, they never ask for more. They supported us because they believed in MY Psychology’s work, that it will bring meaningful impact to the society where psychology can be easily learned by everyone, where mental health is recognized as important as physical health.

After a few years of growth, MY Psychology has now expanded and found its new home at MY Psychology Centre. We now provide psychological assessments, psychotherapy, and talk/workshop for the general public.  Today, we are not only a content creator but also a service provider in the field of mental health.

We realized that this will be the right time for us to step down from the Patreon platform. It is time for us to step out of our comfort zone and continue pushing our boundaries further.

Effectively from 1 November 2019, we are no longer receiving any monetary support from our patrons. The exclusive content for patrons will still be made available for download till 30 November 2019, but after that, we will close down our account.

Some last words before ending this letter. To our patrons, we are thankful for your unconditional support up to this point. What we have achieved thus far couldn’t have possibly happened without your help. So, thank you, so much.

We will not stop producing content, and our team has been working hard to create more awesome content in the future. Stay tuned for that!

Having you to learn and grow with MY Psychology is our privilege! Together with you, we will continue producing content and providing quality service for the community. To make psychology everyday, to make psychology for everyone.

Thank you for your care and love. Wishing you a blessed day ahead!

Keep in touch!


Warmest regards,
Gary Yap
Founder of MY Psychology
Clinical Psychologist @MY Psychology Centre