MY Psychology is now offering Psychotherapy Services

What is psychotherapy? /

Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a way to help Clients in the face of emotional difficulties and personal concerns including, but are not limited to: difficulties to cope with daily life; trauma; the death of a loved one; and specific mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety disorders. Psychotherapy is a process to help Clients of all ages better understand one’s self, and how their thoughts and feelings influence the way they behave, react, and relate to others, leading an enjoyable and satisfying life.

The first psychotherapy session usually starts with an intake assessment of problematic symptoms and maladaptive behaviors that have affected the Client’s functioning in various aspects of life. Psychotherapy is a joint effort between Client and Therapist; the progress may vary based on the particular concerns or issues being addressed as well as the Client’s willingness to participate in the therapeutic process.