Chong Tin Fung, Clinical Psychologist

Professional Qualification
B. Psych (Hons) (HELP, Malaysia)
Master of Clin. Psych (HELP, Malaysia)

Professional Affiliation
Full Member (CP1-0214) – Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology

Tin Fung is a clinical psychologist graduated from HELP University. As a part of his training, he underwent his practicum at the Centre for Psychological Wellbeing and Counselling, HELP University; and SOLS Health, an NGO providing accessible and affordable mental health services to marginalized community in Malaysia. He delivers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based treatments to adult and adolescent clients with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and adjustment problems, such as anxiety, stress, depression, and relationship problems. During his training in SOLS health, he also conducted several workshops and talks related to the topics of mental health for underprivileged communities. Together with SOLS health, a mental health platform known as ReachIn was created to provide the public with mental health information and resources.

Tin Fung strives to create a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere in which individuals can be supported in their efforts to grow and change as well as realigning with their values and strengths in life. His research interest inclined towards the topic of love & relationship in particular on how to build a long-lasting relationship.

Besides his job as a clinical psychologist, he also working as a social media strategist in MY Psychology (Online Psycholoy Educational Platform in Malaysia) to produce bite-sized Psychology contents as well as promoting mental health awareness on social media.

Languages: Mandarin, English, Malay, Hakka

Past Experiences: Speaker  / Interview
Aifm Interview Guest – Happiness Trap 
Invited Forum Guest– Debunking Mental health and Suicide Myths (2019)

张庭锋 / 临床心理治疗师


会员 (CP1-0214) – 马来西亚临床心理治疗师协会

庭锋来自于沙巴亚庇,中学毕业后,他远赴吉隆坡就读大学,并毕业于精英大学(HELP University)的心理学学士学位(Bachelor of Psychology) 及心理治疗硕士 (Master of Clinical Psychology)。

在受训期间,他曾到精英大学心理健康诊所及 SOLS Health 接受训练。庭锋的心理治疗经验包括:忧郁症,焦虑症,强迫症,神经发展障碍(自闭症,学习障碍,和智力障碍等) ,人际关系,情侣及家庭困扰等等。在SOLS Health受训时也曾经参与社区服务,并给与关于心理健康的讲座及工作坊。 庭锋和SOLS Health也一起创立 ReachIn这个心理健康网页,希望能帮助大众寻找有关心理健康的资料。

庭锋 于 2013年和团队成立了马来西亚第一个心理学教育平台,MY Psychology/ MY 心理学,并希望透过网路社交媒体和大众分享心理学和精神健康的知识并提高大众对精神健康的尊重及认知,让人人都可以学习心理学。 


演讲 / 访问经验
Aifm “理一理心理”节目嘉宾 – 快乐是一种陷阱
特邀论坛嘉宾 – 破解心理健康迷思和自杀迷思(2019)