Yee Pui Kuan, Jun, Clinical Psychologist

Professional Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)(HELP University, Malaysia)
  • Master of Clinical Psychology (HELP University, Malaysia)

Professional Affiliation:

  • Full Member (CP1-0321) – Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology

Personal summary / Bio:

Jun obtained her Master of Clinical Psychology from HELP University, Malaysia. During her clinical training, she practiced in various settings including private centres and Non-profit organizations (NGOs), providing individual therapy sessions, peer support groups as well as workshops in both online and offline format.

Her therapy experiences include working with children, youth and adults with concerns related to trauma, emotional disturbances, relationships issues, stress, grief & loss.  She has also walked into the community by conducting and facilitating workshops on mindfulness and interpersonal skills for the marginalized population such as B40 family, children in children’s shelter home, and gender-based violence survivors, to increase mental health awareness in the community.

In her practice, she aspires to give hope to individuals during their darkest moment. She draws from several different school of approaches with a central tenet of placing importance on building a trusting relationship with people she crosses path with. She believes that by providing a safe and accepting space, people are heard and seen, where they could find strength to embark on a self-exploration journey and make necessary changes to live a more meaningful life.


Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Hakka

Past Experiences: Speaker / Interview

  • Speaker – University of Nottingham’s ‘Healthy U Week’ – Suicide and self-harm prevention: Let’s Talk About the ‘S’
  • Speaker – Querencia x DEBI: Managing Stress and Burnout in the Workplace
  • Invited Talk Show Guest – DearACTNow Live Talk

俞佩君 | 临床心理师


会员 (CP1-0321) – 马来西亚临床心理治疗师协会

佩君在马来西亚精英大学获得临床心理学硕士学位。她曾于私人心理治疗中心和非营利组织 (NGO) 接受临床培训。她的培训经验包括为个案提供个人心理治疗、协调同伴支持小组 (peer support group)以及给予线上和线下形式的讲座和工作坊。

她的心理治疗经验包括为儿童,青少年,和成人提供有关于创伤、情绪障碍、人际关系问题、压力、悲伤和失落等的治疗。她也曾为 B40 家庭、儿童收容中心的儿童和性别或家庭暴力幸存者等边缘化人群提供一些有关心理健康,正念和人际交往技巧工作坊之类的社区服务,以提高社区里的心理健康意识。





  • 演讲者 – 诺丁汉大学‘健康的你周’- 预防自杀与自残:谈一谈
  • 演讲者 – Querencia x DEBI: 管理工作场所中的压力和心理耗竭
  • 访谈节目嘉宾 – DearACTNow现场访谈