Neo Jia Yen, Clinical Psychologist

Professional Qualification
Master of Clinical Psychology (Universiti Sains Malaysia – Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris)
BSc (Hons) (Sunway University, Malaysia – Lancaster University, England)

Professional Affiliation

  • Full Member (CP5-0005) – Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology
  • MAHPC(CP)00138 – Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council, Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Member (2170000450) – Persatuan Psikologi Malaysia (PSIMA, Malaysian Psychological Association)

Jia Yen is currently a visiting psychologist under MY Psychology.

Before deciding to join the helping profession, Jia Yen took up various opportunities to further explore the mental health field. She interned at Sunway Medical Center, volunteered for mental health screening events, and worked as a psychologist assistant at a private psychology center for a year. Thus, her vast experiences solidified her interest to pursue a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology.

During her clinical practicum, Jia Yen was placed under the Psychiatry Department in Hospital Kajang and Atfal Jannah’s special needs center where she provided psychotherapy and psychological assessments for children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. She worked closely with psychiatrists, occupational therapists, and special education teachers. Furthermore, Jia Yen also conducted mental health talks on stress management and mindfulness-related topics for the hospital staff.

Her main therapeutic orientation is in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and she is also interested in Systemic Therapy and Mindfulness-based approaches. Through her work, Jia Yen believes that each and every individual has the strength to heal and that therapy is a meaningful journey that fosters healing and growth.

Languages: Mandarin, English, Malay


梁嘉媛 / 临床心理师


临床心理学硕士学位 (马来西亚理科大学 – 苏丹依德理斯教育大学)
心理学学士 (荣誉) (马来西亚 双威大学 – 英国 兰卡斯特大学)


嘉媛目前是 MY心理学 的客座临床心理师。

在决定加入心理治疗行业之前,嘉媛实习于 Sunway Medical Center, 参与各种志工活动,并在一间心理治疗中心担任助理一年。这些经验让嘉媛对心理健康领域有更进一步的认知,也促使和巩固了她攻读临床心理学的意愿。

在临床实习期间, 嘉媛在加影医院精神科部门和 Atfal Jannah 特殊儿童中心为各年龄层 (儿童,青少年,成人,老人) 分别提供合适的心理治疗和评估。她也和精神科医师,职业治疗师,特殊教育老师有紧密的合作关系。此外,嘉媛曾为医护人员举办压力管理和正念相关主题的心理健康讲座。

嘉媛的主要治疗方向是认知行为疗法 (CBT)。另外,她也对家庭系统和正念治疗感兴趣。嘉媛相信每个人都有自我治愈的力量,而心理治疗是一个促进康复和成长的意义旅途。