What is Psychotherapy? 

Psychotherapy (or talk therapy) is a way to help clients in the face of emotional difficulties and personal concerns, including (but are not limited to): difficulties in coping with daily life, trauma, the death of a loved one (grief), and specific mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety. The aim of psychotherapy is to help clients understand themselves better while facing obstacles, and to lead a more enjoyable, free, and satisfying life.

In the first psychotherapy session (first phase), the clinical psychologist will start with an intake assessment of their current obstacles, problematic symptoms, and maladaptive behaviors, in order to better understand how these problems and concerns affected the clients’ ability to function in daily life. The progress of the therapy will be affected by various factors, such as the nature of the clients’ concerns, as well as the willingness of the client to participate in the therapy process.

Through understanding the clients’ current issues and the aim of the therapy program, the psychologist will provide a more personalized therapeutic journey, so that it can better help the clients understand themselves and to welcome positive change. Through the collaborative joint effort between psychologist and client, the client can learn how to better organize their thoughts and emotions, as well as healthy stress coping mechanisms, subsequently learning how to lead a more satisfying life through personal change.





We Help People With The Following Issues:


  • 忧郁症
  • 焦虑症
  • 社交焦虑症
  • 恐慌症和恐惧症
  • 创伤-与压力有关的心理疾病
  • 强迫症及相关心理疾病
  • 进食障碍及相关的心理疾病
  • 悲伤 (失去所爱)及丧亲
  • 情绪管理
  • 情感及人际关系问题
  • 自尊心和自信心低落
  • 躁郁症
  • 失眠症
  • 其他心理健康的问题

We Offer:


Make no mistake. Coming to psychotherapy/counselling is an act of bravery, and a commitment to engage in an active process to improve your life. This is admirable. 

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