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What is Psychotherapy / Counselling? Does it work?

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How does psychotherapy/counselling work?

Different types of psychotherapy would have different theories that explain its underlying mechanics, as well as their own methods. But a more universal definition and motive of therapy are to “enable others to help themselves.” Depending on the professional relationship established between the clinical psychologists/therapists and the client, the clinical psychologist will help the client to understand and explore more about themselves (including their own behaviors and emotions), and utilize their own strengths to choose the way to solve the problem(s) or to improve themselves.  

Does psychotherapy/counselling cause “dependancy”?

The goal of therapy/counselling is not to make the client depend on the clinical psychologist/counsellor.

The goal of psychotherapy or counseling is to enable others to help themselves. Clinical psychologists or counselors are not superior to clients. Clinical psychologists or counselors are just “consulting tools” who are able to help clients explore and better understand themselves. They are all well-trained health professionals and are able to accompany the visitor to face their “unknown selves” and help the client build a better “ support system” in their life.

How many therapy sessions would I need?

The number of sessions of the consultation “treatment” is discussed between the clinical psychologist/counselor and the client during the therapy. This is closely related to the problem you are facing and your goal of the therapy. 

P.S. Be extra careful with those advertisements that provide you with a guarantee of your recovery in a short period of time.

Some clients just want to solve some short-term issues or to seek short-term support. Such therapy can be completed in a few sessions; while some clients want to explore and understand more about themselves and seek changes on a personality level. Such consultations can take longer periods of time to reach therapeutic goals. 

Either way, you, as a client, have full rights to know everything about the therapy before you choose to start and continue your therapy. Your clinical psychologists or therapy must explain in detail on the service they provide to you. 

Who decides to terminate the therapy session?

The number of sessions and when to terminate the therapeutic relationship should be agreed between you and the mental health professional together. However, at any time, the client has the right to terminate the therapy session. Even then, it is strongly recommended to discuss with the respective clinical psychologist or counselor before terminating the session.

I have done 2 sessions with the clinical psychologist/counsellor, what should I do if it doesn’t work?

Most of the first session of the therapy will be focusing on evaluation and relationship building. In this process, clients often share a lot, while mental health professionals tend to speak very little. If you feel disappointed or dissatisfied, please express your true feelings to your mental health professional.

We would like to remind you that the length of the sessions would need to depend on the goal you wish to achieve. Similar to working out in a gym, it takes time to build your muscles and obtain a healthy body. All changes or improvements take time. A bigger goal would require a longer time and constant commitment to achieve it. Psychotherapy or counseling is not magic and it could not change a person miraculously. 

Do short-term consultations works?

Depending on your personal situation and counselling goals, short-term consultation might be able to provide some emotional support and some behavioral cognitive changes. However, if you want to explore more in-depth issues and have some changes at the personality level, it is recommended to do longer-term consultations.

Is video psychotherapy effective?

Research has shown that video therapy is effective. If you can’t find a suitable clinical psychologist or counselor in your area, it is recommended to try video consultation.

Video consultation does leave out some non-verbal information, but a reliable clinical psychologist or counselor is more important than the consulting methods themselves.

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