Chee Yik Yong
For many Asians it is a fact that Asian Dating Agencies may be a great way to meet the perfect Asian guy. However, for many Americans who are not Asian it may be hard to believe that an Asian Dating Agency could be a better alternative to that of a Western dating service. While there are many differences between an Asian dating agency and a western dating site, there are also some similarities. Both Asian agencies and Western dating sites are websites where members can find someone within their area of interest. There are differences however, which should be taken into consideration when choosing a partner. The most obvious difference between an Asian dating agency and a Western dating site is the location. Whereas American dating services may not include Asian American dating agencies, Asians still have many choices on the internet. Many Asian dating sites are available in all fifty states and even in Canada. Another major difference is that although many American dating sites are run by Caucasians, some Asian dating sites are run by individuals who are not Caucasian. Some of these websites include Japanese, Koreans, Filipino, Chinese, Thai, Indians, Vietnamese, etc. Although most people assume that online dating is restricted to only Caucasians, not all online dating sites are Caucasian. Also, while most online dating sites are operated by people who are close to their locality, some are run by outsiders. For example, in the UK a large percentage of registered members on a dating site are actually foreigners who pay to register. There are also differences between Asian dating agencies and Western dating sites. While most dating services are sponsored by well-known corporations, there are Asian dating agencies that are owned by individuals rather than companies. These types of agencies typically offer Asian men and women only. One thing that is commonly available with most Asian dating sites is that they do not allow individuals to upload photos of themselves, except on the men's section.